experimental dance and electronic composer , dj , and recording artist

//born from the ashes of darkweb search caches is _dreamgoth,,

the digital avatar of non-binary composer and dj marshal spaulding.

marshal has been composing music for a decade and more, citing genres across the musical spectrum like experimental, techno and house, dream pop, psychedelic garage, shoegaze/nugaze, and even choral arrangements. they perform most often as _dreamgoth, playing in clubs aroud texas. however they are a part of multiple musical projects (magick_cercle, damien grey, trickstertrickster!) and is a co-founder of the dark electronic record label helldotcom. marshal finds joy exploring a wide range of sonic textures, making their compositions and performances a unique experience. 

if you would like to book _dreamgoth to perform, or commission them for a remix, feel free to reach out at the link below for pricing and availability. //





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